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Get cleaned regular laundry, carpets, curtains & blankets at the cheapest price.

Free Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service

displaying result after cleaning by comparing with dirty shirt


It is quite easy to book a laundry service, Just send us pin location, address at customer service WhatsApp: +971 52 273 2873 to scheule a laundry pickup from home or concierge.

Captain will come to collect laundry from home.


Our professional will clean your dirty laundry.


Our captain will share with you delivery schedule on WhatsApp.


Send Address detail on WhstsApp:
+971 52 273 2873


Supervisor will share an Invoice on WhatsApp with you.


You need to pay the invoice to arrange delivery.


Our Premier Launderer Services in Ajman & Sharjah

Local, sustainable, and on-demand carpet cleaning, curtains cleaning, blanket cleaning, laundry & dry cleaning services, for both households and professionals with remarkable quality.

Dry Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Curtains icons.jpg

Curtains Cleaning


Blanket Cleaning.png

Blanket Cleaning


Our Best-Loved Laundry Packages
Ajman & Sharjah

Are you tired from counting pieces & high price for each item? Our edge cutting solution in laundry services are here, you can avail our cheapest KG laundry packages. All package are eligible for free pickup & delivery service.  
Wash & fold service package with folded clothes, jeans, dress pant, shirts & ladies shrits and package price in Ajman and Sharjah
49 AED / 6-Kg
Lowest price - More Freedom - Free Delivery in 24 Hours
Steam pressing package
Steam Ironing - Hanger or Fold - Free Delivery in 24 Hours
69 AED / 6-Kg
Laundry doing washing, drying and pressing works
99 AED / 6-Kg
Complete Laundry - Customize Wash -  Free Delivery in 24 Hours

Laundry Pickup & Delivery Services in Ajman & Sharjah

We are providing customized delivery solutions to help you to save your time by picking up your items at your place of work or at home. Our captain can also collect it from the concierge as per your instructions.
We are providing service in Ajman covering; 
Al Rumailah, Al Rashidiya, Al Rashdiya , Al Rashdiya 2, Al Rashdiya 3, Al Nakhil, Al Nuaimia, Al Nuaimia 1, Al Nuaimia 2, Al Bustan, Liwara, Liwara 1, Liwara 2, Mushairef, Al Jerf, Al Hamidiya, Industrial Area, Al Hamriya, Ajman Uptown, Al Heliow, Al Raqaib, Emirates City, Al Amerah, Al Zahya, Free Zone and all over Sharjah.

Clean laundry will be delivered in 02 Hrs.
Charges applied

Urgent Laundry Pickup and Delivery within two hours

Premium Delivery

Same Day Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

Laundry will be delivered on same-day. Charges applied

Same-Day Delivery

Free Laundry Pickup and Next Day Laundry

Free delivery on Next-day.
This Service is Free


Laundry Service Abu Dhabi-Dubai-Ajman-Sharjah Pay Online.png
Get your dirty laundry cleaned near to you at cheapest price, free collection & delivery at order of 49 AED. Price start from only 2 AED.

Wash & Fold Price List



Wash & Fold





Pressing per item price




Carpet/Rugs Cleaning



Carpet Cleaning


Wash & Press Price-List


Wash & Press

Blanket, Comforter, Bedsheets 



Blanket Cleaning

For more details, please visit our laundry price list for Sharjah & Ajman Emirates

Drive Location Ajman

Drive Location Sharjah


Why LaundryService.AE claims they are the best launderer in Sharjah & Ajman?

We are the finest & leading laundry service provider because we are the oldest professional laundry services provider in UAE, equipped with highly skilled & experience wash men & pressmen. Moreover, we are the first fleet of professionals who provide online booking service, pickup & delivery service and also process all laundry services under our own supervision. Therefore, we are able to offer very competitive rates to our customer & top-quality cleaning that ultimately bring satisfaction to our customers.

What laundry packages in Sharjah & Ajman?

Yes, we do offer laundry packages in Sharjah & Ajman, these are 6 KG wash & fold, 6-KG pressing and 6-KG washing, drying & ironing packages at affordable prices. Our packages are very popular among the families in UAE. 

What is 6-KG & is it a laundry bag only?

No, it is not a bag, it is based on the real weight of your dirty laundry.

How can I check what is the weight of my laundry?

Our captain has a digital weight measuring instrument, he can do the weight of your laundry at your doorstep at the time of pickup or if you are not available he will share it with you.

What is wash & fold service?

In wash & fold service, we wash your dirty laundry & tumble dry and fold it for you but not supplied on the hanger.

What is Ironing/pressing service?

In pressing only service, we don't wash your laundry. Our professional presser does the pressing for your clean laundry and returns it to you on the hanger or fold as per your's instructions. 

What is wash & iron service in Ajman & Sharjah?

In this service, we collect dirty laundry from customers. We do washing, drying & ironing/pressing. We return it on the hanger or fold as per your instructions. We do not charge extra for fold or hanger service.