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Professional Carpet, Sofa & Mattress Cleaning Services at Affordable Price
Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Get cleaned your home/office carpets, rugs, mattress deep cleaning, sofa covers, bedsheets, pillowcase, duvet cover, comforter,  bath towel, bath mats, hand towels, table cloths, and blankets at the best affordable prices in Abu Dhabi & Dubai with free collection & delivery services.

How Do We Wash Shampooing Carpets? Watch Video

Vacuuming the Couch

It is well-known fact that carpets, Sofa & mattresses are some of the hardest household items to clean, sanitize and maintain, especially at a time when our world is passing through a health crisis due to pandemic 'COVID-19'. If you don’t want to become stressed over the thought of having to clean your carpet & upholstery, then hire LaundryService.AE professionals do their best to keep your carpets, rugs, mattress & sofa sparkling & fresh for a long time at very affordable prices in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

A dirty carpet can cause many types of injuries in children & in old age people as well or can increase the severity of diseases like asthma, therefore, it is imperative to keep our carpets free from germs, bacteria & viruses. A clean carpet means healthy air circulation inside the house. If you don’t do something about your dirty carpets, you might be putting your family’s health at risk.

Free collection & delivery service for orders over 49 AED.

Service Features

  • Easy Scheduling

  • Lowest price guarantee

  • High quality

  • Quick response

  • Comprehensive Cleaning Service

  • Efficiency

  • Equipped with modern technology

  • Minimum disruption

  • Hassle-free services

  • Safe and non-toxic treatment

  • Trained and professional cleaners

  • Free quotation

How Do We Clean Carpets?

1-  Carpet is inspected by technician thoroughly for stains, chewing gum, etc

2- Complete carpet is washed in automatic industrial carpet cleaning machine with carpet cleaner (watch video).

3- Carpet loaded in the dryer for a spin.

4- To get rid of completely from moisture, carpets are hanged on hangers under direct sunlight.

5- Carpets are vacuumed & inspected thoroughly by a technician.

6- Finally carpet is packed in laminated cover & deliver to you.

Scope of Service

Anti-Micro Organisms Treatment, Anti-Virus Treatment, Germicide Treatment, Initial Clean Up, Deep Cleaning, Sparkle Clean, Courtyard Cleaning, Common Restrooms, Trash Clean Up, Containment Area Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Dust Removal, Wet Cleaning, Residential, Commercial, and Industry-Specific Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Scrubbing, Aircon Servicing, Carpet Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, and Sofa Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Fabric Sofa & Chair Cleaning, Office Carpet Deep Cleaning, Leather Sofa & Chair Cleaning, Home Rug Deep Cleaning, Mattress Deep Cleaning, Laundry & Dry Cleaning


Delivery ------------------------------------ Free

Same-day delivery ---------------------------- (N/A)

Urgent 2 hours delivery ---------------------- (N/A)

Term & Conditions

  • Please mention the stains & the items that can't be washed in the automatic carpet cleaning machine.

  • Free collection & delivery service on minimum order of 49 AED, not applicable for carpet orders.

  • The carpet cleaning process takes normally two days & will be delivered on the third day.

  • Same-day delivery order; Order received before 12:00 AM will be delivered on the same day otherwise it will be delivered on the next day before 12:00 AM.

  • Linen & bedding, curtains, and carpets damage within our laundry will be reimbursed to the value of 2 times the service cost

How To Book

  1. It's very convenient, just WhatsApp your address & pin location at SunCity customer contact number: +971 52 273 2873 

  2. You can also book service via Facebook messenger or google map

Cheapest Carpet, Sofa & Mattress Cleaning Service Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Carpet, Mattress, Sofa Shampooing Service Pricing

Carpet Cleaning

15 AED/Sq.meter

Sofa Cleaning

50 AED/seat

Couch Cleaning

50 AED/seat

Cushion Cleaning (45*45 cm)


Mattress Cleaning/Single

90 AED

Mattress Cleaning/Queen

149 AED

Mattress Cleaning/King

199 AED

Carpet, Mattress, Sofa Steam Cleaning Service Pricing

Carpet Steam Cleaning

18 AED/Sq.meter

Sofa Steam Cleaning

60 AED/seat

Couch Steam Cleaning

60 AED/seat

Mattress Steam Cleaning/Single

120 AED

Mattress Steam Cleaning/Queen

189 AED

Mattress Steam Cleaning/King

249 AED

Click to download carpet & upholystery laundry price list in Abu Dhabi - Dubai- Sharjah - Ajman

Commercial Laundry

Please contact us at for enquiry


How much does it cost to clean carpet in Abu Dhabi & Dubai?

Carpet cleaning rates are calculated as per the area of the carpet in the meter unit and prices vary as low as from 12 AED to 30 AED per square meter. It mainly depends upon which type of carpet cleaning process you choose for your carpets.

How do I calculate carpet cleaning price?

First, you need to check the what is price your company offer per square meter. Then measure the carpet size in two directions length & width. Multiply length & width that will be the total area of carpet in square meters. Then multiply the area with the price offered by your service provider that is in the case of LaundryService.AE is 15 AED/Square meters only.

What is the best way to clean the carpets?

Prices vary from as per their cleaning process, mainly companies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi offer two types of cleaning services, at-home carpet cleaning service & carpet cleaning service in the industry that is also called deep cleaning carpet cleaning. Experts recommend a later cleaning treatment to get rid-of complete dust, bacteria, germs & viruses.

How to save on the laundry services when visiting or living in Abu Dhabi?

 If you want to save more visit SunCity laundromart in Mohamed Bin Zayed City & drop-off your laundry for pressing, it will save you a lot. In another case, if it is difficult to commute or you are a busy person, you can avail of pickup & drop service that costs you an extra 15 AED, however, pickup & delivery service is free if you order 49AED or more. 

My laundry is not listed in the price-list, how to know the price?

We are enthusiastic to provide complete home laundry solutions to our customers under the one roof, we can understand there are numerous types of textile that can't be covered in a rate list, we advise you to contact our customer support team by any convenient method and share information to get best solution & price.

How SunCity laundry is providing quality services at these lowest prices?

It's pleasure to assist you! We are offering high-quality services at the lowest prices in an Abu Dhabi & Dubai market because we are collecting orders directly online from customers and handle all laundry service processes from the collection, laundry/dry cleaning, packing & delivery by our own fleets that support us to give the best laundry services at cheaper prices.:-) There is no third party involved.

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