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Best Curtains Deep Cleaning & Dry Cleaning Service at Affordable Price in Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Sharjah - Ajman

We are experts in dry cleaning all types of curtains using modern technology, whether they are simple cotton-made curtains, fancy curtains, or black-out curtains. Book a service & get a free delivery service.

It is a common phenomenon in our homes/offices, we undermine the necessity to wash & clean our curtains used to cover windows and doors compared to other fresh air-providing appliances. But in fact, curtains are the first guard against the odor, dust & germs in the air by filtering air, not only this but also decorate our homes/offices.

Dirty curtains do not only affect the presentation but also causes to produce airborne indoor air that causes many chronic diseases, as we know children love to hide behind the curtains & thus so these germs & bacteria can easily attack their health. Therefore, it becomes more crucial when we consider the weather conditions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman cities- UAE. Where dust storms in summer is a routine weather condition. Therefore it is imperative to refresh your curtains minimum at intervals of three to six months to keep your home's internal environment healthy & free from health hazards.

We is a team of professionals, who are experts in dry cleaning all types of curtains by following high-quality standards using state-of-the-art technology.

Curtains cleaning

Curtain Laundry Services

Curtain laundry service is designed to ensure that your curtains are cleaned with the utmost precision and care. Our aim is to provide you with complete satisfaction through the services we offer. With us, you can be sure of receiving high-quality curtain cleaning services at the most affordable price.

Curtains are cleaned in a state-of-the-art curtain laundry facility under the supervision of an expert laundry man. Curtains are picked up & delivered back to the customer after treatment.


This service is not available in-home cleaning service.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Curtain's dry cleaning service provides comprehensive & deep cleaning solutions to customers. We clean the curtain by applying the appropriate deep cleaning method using industrial machines, then the curtain is steamed & pressed under the appropriate temperature and delivered to the customers on the hanger. However, this service is not available for on-site cleaning services as it requires heavy-duty machines.

Curtain Washing

Service is designed for customers who are looking for a very economical solution to keep their curtain hygiene with self-support. We provide deep cleaning services in our facility using industrial cleaning machines & delivered curtains to customers. Service is best suited for customers who can apply to steam & pressing operation by themselves or where the curtain does not require pressing. 


This service is not available in-home cleaning service.

Steaming & pressing is not included in the service.

Curtain Ironing

If you have washed your curtain by yourself or your curtain need only ironing. Our facilities are equipped to handle small to large size curtains whether it's a hotel laundry pressing or home curtain ironing order. 


This service is not available in-home cleaning service.

Curtain Steaming

Most demanding service by our hotel laundry customers & home customer. Our technician does the steaming treatment on curtains using highly efficient steam machines that kills 99% of germs, bacteria, and fungus from the curtain and leaves the curtains pressed & hygienic.

Moreover, this service is available for in-home curtain service & laundry curtain service as well.

Curtain Alteration

We are keen to provide one-stop solutions to our customers. Curtain alteration service provides the solution for curtain strip replacement or to change the length or width of curtains. Service can be avail by the commercial customer & residential customer as well.


This service is not available in-home service.

Curtain Installation

To cater to the customer needs, we provide on-demand curtain dismantling & installation services at the cheapest prices. Service is available for both commercial and residential customers.

In-Home Curtain Services

We also provide in-home curtain services that include curtain steam pressing, however, we don't recommend deep cleaning services on-site or in-home.

Service Features

  • Easy Scheduling

  • Lowest price guarantee

  • High quality

  • Quick response

  • Comprehensive Cleaning service

  • Efficiency

  • Equipped with modern technology

  • Minimum disruption

  • Hassle-free services

  • Safe and non-toxic treatment

  • Trained and professional cleaners

  • Free quotation

Scope of Service

Anti-Micro Organisms Treatment, Anti-Virus Treatment, Germicide Treatment, Initial Clean Up, Deep Cleaning, Sparkle Clean, Carpet Supply & Installation, Containment Area Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Dust Removal, Wet Cleaning, Residential, Commercial, and Industry-Specific Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, and Sofa Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Fabric Sofa & Chair Cleaning, Office Carpet Deep Cleaning, Leather Sofa & Chair Cleaning, Home Rug Deep Cleaning, Mattress Deep Cleaning, Laundry & Dry Cleaning


Pickup & Delivery ------------------------------ Free
Order less than 49 AED ---------------------- (N/A)
Same-day delivery ---------------------------- (N/A)
Urgent 2 hours delivery ---------------------- (N/A)

Term & Conditions

  • Please mention the alteration if required.

  • Price can vary than mentioned below due to different types of curtains & different requirements to clean them. 

  • Free collection & delivery service on minimum order of 49 AED.

  • Linen & bedding, curtains, and carpets damage within our laundry will be reimbursed to the value of 2 times the service cost

How To Book

  1. It's very convenient, just WhatsApp your address & pin location at SunCity customer contact number WhatsApp: +971 52 273 2873 

  2. You can also book service via Facebook messenger or google map

Curtain Cleaning Pricing

Cotton Curtain Cleaning

10 AED/Sq.meter

Blackout Curtain Cleaning

12 AED/Sq.meter

Fancy Curtain Cleaning

15 AED/Sq.meter

Chiffon Curtain Cleaning

40 AED/Piece

Curtain Pressing

We also provide curtain pressing service at home or in the laundry, please contact us for pricing.

Curtain Cleaning Price-list

Click to download curtains laundry price list in Abu Dhabi - Dubai - Sharjah - Ajman

Please contact us at for enquiry


Why professional curtain cleaning is necessary?

First of all, cleaning is arduous work, at home, it is not possible to wash, clean curtains by following standard practices because of limited resources & the absence of specific expertise & technology requirements. Secondly due to the huge size of curtains process to clean is very hectic. While on the other hand, professionals like as LaundryService.AE has full capabilities with suitable machinery to cater to the customer's needs. Our technicians are experts in dry cleaning & washing the curtains that keep their fabric shining, reduce shrinking and protect the texture of clothing as compared to home washing.

How do find/select the best cleaning service provider while living in Abu Dhabi & Dubai?

It is vitally important to find & choose the best company to clean the curtains, make sure that the service provider is not a third party who forward your curtains & blinds to the next unregistered company that is not uncommon, Additionally verify that company is registered & approved by a local authority & operating following the standard guidelines.

How to save on the curtain dry cleaning in Abu Dhabi & Dubai?

In a dusty environment like that of in dusty season in Abu Dhabi & Dubai city, your curtains and blinds get very dirty and require cleaning often. People here prefer their curtains to be cleaned by professional cleaners. In the city, you have many cleaners good with dry cleaning and steam cleaning is available to provide the best of their services. It is always essential to go to the one who is reliable enough, will protect your curtain’s fabric, and provide you with good services at affordable rates. Best results always come from dry cleaning your curtain to perfection.

My laundry is not listed in the price-list, how to know the price?

We are enthusiastic to provide complete home laundry solutions to our customers under the one roof, we can understand there are numerous types of textile that can't be covered in a rate list, we advise you to contact our customer support team by any convenient method and share information to get best solution & price.

How SunCity laundry is providing quality services at these lowest prices?

It's pleasure to assist you! We are offering high-quality services at the lowest prices in an Abu Dhabi &  Dubai market because we are collecting orders directly online from customers and handle all laundry service processes from the collection, laundry/dry cleaning, packing & delivery by our own fleets that support us to give the best laundry services at cheaper prices.:-) There is no third party involved.

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