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How To Prevent Color Fading In Laundry? | 10 Best Laundry Tips

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Safe laundry from color fading
How to do laundry safely to avoid color fading

Have you ever noticed a difference between home laundry and shop laundry?

Shop laundry such as “” done by Laundry Experts will not be feisty, or color-faded, and will be absolutely stain-free.

Color fading is a genuine issue in laundry and everybody wants to avoid it as much as possible because Faded clothes are a bust, no matter how many times you wear or wash them. If not cared for properly, the clothes (either new or old, expensive or cheap) will fade.

so, How To Prevent Color Fading In Laundry?

Following are the best and top laundry tips to prevent color fading and Lengthen Cloche’s Wearing Time:

1. Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

If you ever felt the pain of color fading of your or your kid’s favorite and the most expensive clothes, you would never ignore the warning or care labels mentioned on the clothes before washing them.

Not all clothes fabrics are the same and have the same washing requirements. Therefore, label instructions are the most important thing in preventing color bleeding and in lengthening the wearing life of clothes.

The manufacturer's label provides critical information to retain their color. It clearly mentions the washing and drying methods that suit best that stuff. For example, wool clothes need to be washed in lukewarm or cold water (because hot water shrinks the wool fabric) while some require to dry clean them only.

2. Cold Water Washing=Least Color Fading:

“The Warmer The Water, The Quicker The Fading”

Washing clothes with cold water is one of the best laundry tips that we have for you today. In addition, if you have to wash all your clothes (dark-colored, light-colored, new and old clothes together).

Frequent washing of clothes in warm water breaks down the fibers and causes color bleeding. On the other hand, washing with cold water prevents color fading.

3. Sort Out the Clothes Always:

All clothes have different fabric materials and thus have different washing requirements. Therefore, sorting them first is one of the wisest steps to lengthen your clothe’s wearing life.

Sorting out means separating the white clothes from colored, dark colored from light-colored, and new clothes from old ones.

4. Adjust Washer Setting according to Clothes:

Winter clothes need a heavier washing cycle compared to summer clothes because we wear them for a long time. Therefore, adjusting the washing setting according to clothes types is an important and crucial step in preventing color fading.

5. Line Drying is the Best Way:

Machine during the clothes s convenient and effortless, however, it fades away your clothing’s colors in no time. To prevent your clothing’s color from bleeding and to lengthen their wearing time, you should slightly dry them in the washing machine and then hang them on hangers for air drying.

Note: Do not air dry the clothes in direct sunlight as it will fade away their color.

6. Turn Clothes Inside Out before Washing:

Turning clothes inside out is the oldest yet most useful laundry hack to prevent color fading. It will hide away the outside fabric from the washing cycle and prevents friction and color bleeding.

7. Salt prevents Color Fading:

Have you ever heard of salt as an anti-color fader?

Yes, it is true!

The use of salt in washing clothing for the first time would lock that clothe’s color. It’s such an effective treatment for new clothes that you wouldn’t complain about its color bleeding again.

For older clothes, salt act as a stain remover and prevents yellowing in white clothes and color fading in dark clothes.

Note: One cup of salt in the rinse cycle prevents color bleeding of navy or plum color clothes.

8. Vinegar addition in regular Wash:

A half cup of vinegar in each wash would prevent color fading of your clothes. It is anti-allergic and therefore, can also be used in kids’ laundry.

On the other hand, Vinegar is an old and most effective substitute for laundry detergent, especially if you have to remove rigid stains or retain the colors of your clothes.

Being inexpensive, environment-friendly, and effective, it is widely used as a detergent, deodorizer, stain-remover, and fabric softener.

9. Fabric Conditioner to Prevent Color Fading:

Fabric conditioners reduce friction and thus prevent color fading while washing. Not only that, a fabric conditioner doesn’t stick to the clothes and leaves a fresh, soft scent on your clothes.

Moreover, fabric conditioners keep clothes wrinkle-free and create less-static cling which in turn lessens friction and prevents color fading, making them last longer.

10. Avoid Over-Drying:

Color fading is beneficial, especially for working parents, but you know that over-frying is one of the major causes of color fading, particularly for dark and bright colors. The solution is to not let the clothes over dry and set a timer and take off your clothes when slightly damp.

The reason is that over-drying increases heat and friction which becomes the reason to soak away the cloche’s colors. If you have to air dry the clothes, do not put them in direct sunlight instead hang them in the shade.


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