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How To Wash A Puffer Jacket? | Washing and Drying Secrets

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

A puffer jacket (insulated with synthetic fiber) is a perfect investment to save you from the harsh winter days. It is waterproof, windproof, and extremely comfortable besides offering a decent urban winter look!

On the contrary, washing, drying (do they remain fluffy after drying), and selecting an appropriate detergent for a puffer jacket is a challenge, especially for novices. Some people assume that puffer jackets are not washable.

Being a laundry expert, I often asked “How to Wash a Puffer Jacket?” So I have decided to explain it here in detail.

How to Wash a Puffer Jacket?

Do you prefer washing your clothes at home? It’s a good thing if you know the laundry tips and tricks. If you want to wash your puffer jacket and do not know how to wash it, you should read the following tips that will keep it new and fluffy and remove the stains and dirt.

1. Read the Label Instructions:

Read the Label Instructions
Read the Label Instructions

Reading the washing instructions label on the clothes is beneficial not only for puffer jackets but for all clothes. After that, make sure that the washing machine doesn’t have a center agitator, you are using a delicate cycle and tumble drying your puffer jackets.

2. Use a Puffer or own Jacket Detergent:

Use a Puffer or own Jacket Detergent
Use a Puffer or own Jacket Detergent

“Puffer Jacket Detergents” is preferable for puffer and down jackets, however, any ordinary liquid detergent in low quantity can be used, but never use a powder detergent as it will deteriorate and stick to the jacket’s stuff.

3. Wash at a Delicate Cycle:

Wash at a Delicate Cycle
Wash at a Delicate Cycle

Puffer or down jackets are quilted coats made up of geese or duck feathers. Feathers create air pockets that retain warm air inside.

So washing a puffer jacket in a heavy cycle will destroy its upper body, and it may not remain as fluffy as it was before washing because they are not made to wash in a heavy cycle or machines having a center agitator.

4. Rinsing Secret:

Rinsing Secret
Rinsing Secret

Rinsing a puffer or down jacket twice is the best way to rinse it. However, if you cannot add an extra rinse option, then it is recommended to extend the rinsing time as much as possible.

5. No Spinning:

No Spinning
No Spinning

Spinning a puffer jacket in the washing machine is never recommended if you like your jacket and don’t want to lose it. It is because spinning will damage the inside feature filling of the jacket.

How to Wash a Puffer Jacket by Hand?

Dear friends, if you do not prefer washing your or our kid’s puffer jackets in the washing machine, then washing them by hand will also keep them new and its insulated feather filling will not damage them.

1. Pre-Soak your Puffer Jacket:

Pre-Soak your Puffer Jacket
Pre-Soak your Puffer Jacket

You can wash your puffer or down jacket in warm water. Fill a tub of warm water, add down-specific detergent, and soak the jacket in it. Let it soak for half an hour and then rinse it.

2. Squeeze it Gently:

Squeeze it Gently
Squeeze it Gently

Rinse a puffer jacket carefully and never knead, ring, or squeeze hard. Even kneading is important to avoid feather clumping inside the jacket's body.


Q: Can I wash my puffer jacket in the washing machine with other clothes?

Ans: Yes. To make sure that your new puffer jacket remains new after coming out of the washing machine, you should wash it in a front loader or top loader washing machine (they don’t have a center agitator).

Q: Does washing machines ruin puffer jackets?

Ans: Not at all. You can comfortably wash a puffer jacket in washing machines that do not have a center agitator because it is notorious for tearing the upper layers of puffer or down jackets. If you are not ready to wash your puffer jacket at home, you can rely on “” for that.

Q: Is it advisable to tumble dry a puffer jacket?

Ans: Tumble Drying means drying a puffer jacket by spinning it in hot air in a dryer. It is absolutely safe to tumble dry a puffer jacket in a delicate or low-heat cycle. One more important thing is to read the label on the jacket first and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: What’s the best detergent to use for washing a puffer jacket?

Ans: For washing a puffer or a down jacket, it is best to use a puffer or down-specific detergent and it must be liquid to retain its fluffiness (powder detergents leave marks on the jacket’s fiber and ruin its beauty).


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