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5 Kids Laundry Tips to Lengthen Clothes Wearing Time

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

You will agree that being a parent is an unpaid and never-ending job!

Kid’s laundry is one of those tasks. The more clothes you wash, the more will be in a line waiting for their turn 😬🙄

Kids’ clothes get dirty earlier as they play, do adventures, and are not mindful of keeping themselves clean.

Normally, a 1-year-old child needs almost 5-6 pairs of tops and pants for a day and the number goes on decreasing as they grow. It means that you need to do kid’s laundry every second day to manage and deal with children.

On the other hand, kids' clothes are expensive, and when washed frequently, lost their color and look dingy and dull.

Therefore, the parents of toddlers and older toddlers need to learn some practical kid laundry tips to lengthen the clothes-wearing time.

So here are some of the most beneficial kid’s laundry tips from a Laundry Expert!

Easy steps for Kids Laundry

1. Sorting Out the Clothes

2. Washing Kid’s Clothes Inside Out

3. Prefer Natural Detergents Over Synthetic

4. Remove the Stains ASAP

5. Avoid Frequent Washing in Hot Water

1. Best and Easiest Step is to “Sorting Out the Clothes”

Sorting Out the Clothes
Sorting Out the Clothes

Sorting out the clothes by color and washing instructions will play a huge role in keeping them last longer. It is because not all clothes are made to wash with cold water and vice versa and not all clothes are the same in quality (some lose their original color when washed with hot water).

Therefore, sorting the clothes before laundry is a wise step. You can have at least 3 sorting bins for one child.

PS: You can educate your child about how to sort their dark-colored, light-colored, and white in 3 different sorting bins. It will be helpful for you as well as for your kids as they are learning what are the necessities of laundry and to lengthen their wearing time.

2. Washing Kid’s Clothes Inside Out

Washing Kid’s Clothes Inside Out
Washing Kid’s Clothes Inside Out

It’s an old yet amazingly successful tip especially when you want your kid’s costly clothes last longer. Turning them inside out will prevent stickers or embroidery or anything on the outer side of the shirt from getting rubbed with other clothes.

Moreover, it has the following additional benefits:

1. Prevents Pilling:

Excessive agitation and friction are the reasons to exacerbate pilling, especially if the clothes are pretty old. However, washing machine is not the only reason for fabric pilling. Therefore, turning the clothes inside out will prevent pilling as well as removes dirt and stains.

2. Prevents Dye Bleeding:

Some dark-colored clothes loosen their dye when agitated in the washing machine or washed with hot water and get faded earlier. Washing such clothes by turning them inside out will prevent color fading.

3. Better Cleaning of the Dirtiest Parts:

Mommies will know better than some of the parts of clothes that remain in contact with sweat or the body are dirtier than other areas and retain the odor even after washing in the machine. Washing them by turning them inside out will help to clean those areas better and remove the odor as much as possible.

Sometimes detergents do not dissolve properly and leave stains on the clothes, especially white clothes. Washing the clothes inside out will prevent the risk of the landing of that undissolved.

3. Prefer Natural Detergents Over Synthetic:

Prefer Natural Detergents Over Synthetic
Prefer Natural Detergents Over Synthetic

Natural detergents are biodegradable and environment-friendly. Natural detergents are a major cause of enhancing the wearing life of your kiddo's clothes.

They are gentle on clothes and do not have the fabric-binding chemicals that destroy the clothes in no time. In addition, natural detergents remove stains better compared to synthetic ones.

Pro tip: If you don't rely on natural detergents, You can buy our most reliable Ozone Detergent powder for quality washing.

4. Remove the Stains ASAP:

Remove the Stains ASAP
Remove the Stains ASAP

Not all stains are the same. For example, washing a dirt stain is easier compared to a coffee or tea, or oil stain. Therefore, treating the stains as soon as possible is better than regretting delaying them.

But how often you would keep washing clothes and removing stains?

Don’t worry I have a solution for this also!

1. Food or Blood Stains:

The stains from food or blood are called “Protein Stains” and an ordinary laundry detergent is sufficient to clean them.

What you have to do is quickly soak the clothes in cold water and add some detergent to them. It will not let the stain stay deep in the fibers of the clothes.

2. Dye Stains:

Dye stains and fruit juice stains are rather tough. However, if treated on time will not get permanent.

You just have to wash the stained area with cold water and apply a little (according to the stain size) “Sodium Carbonate” to it. Let the paste stay on the stain, once it gets dry, you can wash it with other clothes in the machine.

3. Urine Stains:

Urine stains are not tough, however, if you want them to leave their odor on the clothes of your child, it is better to treat them as soon as possible.

Distilled white vinegar will absorb the odor and stain of urine magically within seconds. After this initial treatment, you can wash the clothes in the washing machine with other clothes.

4. Grass Stains:

Grass stains are not rigid if treated on time. You just have to soak them in water (at normal temperature) with ordinary laundry detergent and later on, wash them with cold water in the washing machine. You won’t see stains again!

5. Avoid Frequent Washing in Hot Water

Avoid Frequent Washing in Hot Water
Avoid Frequent Washing in Hot Water

Hot water is not good for laundry as it wears the fabric quickly. To Lengthen Kids Clothes Wearing Time, it is recommended to wash them in cold water and with liquid laundry detergent at a delicate cycle.

I would not recommend powder detergent as it leaves residues behind and may be allergic to children. On the other hand, the delicate cycle is another factor in keeping kids' clothes lasts longer.

Final Verdict:

Winding up the discussion about “5 Kids Laundry Tips to Lengthen Clothes Wearing Time”, I repeat that the above-mentioned laundry tips are effective if done on time.

Now, your child can wear his favorite dress as many times as he wishes to. They will learn to take care of their belongings when they see you doing the same.


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