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Made in Kora, High Quality gravity feed type electric steam iron. Make your own steam without a boiler using a water bottle suspended above your working surface. It utilizes a separate water bottle that must be suspended above your working surface. It operates similarly to a household iron but has the separate water storage for longer amounts of pressing and is a heavier professional style iron. Suitable for Alteration shops and Dressmakers. Instruction & trouble shootings included. 

Key features of Penguin:

  • Comfortable Urethane handle
  • Heat insulation plate protects hands from the heat
  • Durable and high quality thermostat
  • Iron is completed with thermal fuse for the safety from the fire
  • Power switch is easy to change and the power lamp showing on & off at work with perfect durability
  • Thumb switch is designed for proper steam to be ot by slight push of thumb and durable
  • Durable Sheath-heating element with very long life


  • Electricity : 220 ~ 240 Volts
  • Wattage : 1300 Watts
  • Capacity: 3.0 litrs
  • Weight :  (2.6Kgs.)
  • Base Size : 137x205mm
  • Sole plate : Hard anodized aluminum
  • Made in Korea (iron)
  • Made in Korea (Teflon shoe)

PENGUIN Laundry Steam Iron 1300 Watt

530٫00AED Regular Price
499٫00AEDSale Price
Excluding VAT |
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