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  • The inside max length and width is 212mm x 122mm.
  • Teflon Iron Shoe for Gravity Feed Bottle Stream Irons.
  • For Silver Star model ES-85AF =ES-94A Gravity Feed Steam Irons.
  • Replace your old and worn iron shoe with this high quality Teflon Bottom Ironing Shoe. NO SHINE...irons Taffeta, Gabardine, Nylon, any Synthetic Materials. No Shine, No Scorch!! LIGHT AS A FEATHER...use it on everything, all day long, making work easier. ALUMINUM INNER LINER...distributes heat and steam over entire ironing surface with minimum steam pressure.

Heigh Quality Silver Star Teflon Ironing Shoe

60.00AED Regular Price
40.00AEDSale Price
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