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Silter ““Super Mini”” Professional is a steam electric iron attached to a steam boiler, which supplies all the steam that the iron needs. The heating element is underneath the boiler in which water is heated for generating steam under pressure. As long as steam trigger is pressed, solenoid valve permits and continuous dry steam passes through durable steam hose, later to hot channels of soleplate of the iron, and finally gets released through holes of the soleplate. That is how ““Super Mini”” finishes professionally.

Usage Areas: Tailors, dry cleaning shops, modelling shops, wedding dress shops, hotels, restaurants, military facilities, laundries, boutiques, vocational schools, dormitories and clothing workshops

Outstanding Features:

  • Reduces ironing time to 1/3
  • 5 safety devices
  • Energy saving
  • Special inox boiler prevents forming of limescale
  • Strong and dry steam output: 70g/min.
  • Continuous steam output removes stubborn creases effortlessly
  • Vertical steam ironing for hanging curtains, clothes on hangers and delicate fabrics
  • 2,5 bar pressurized steam allows you to iron both sides of the clothes at the same time
  • “No Water” warning lamp
  • “Steam Ready” indicator lamp
  • Steamless ironing is also possible
  • Easy-grip, anti-perspiration cork handle
  • Professional style iron with thick aluminium soleplate ensuring fast and perfect results

SILTER Laundry Steam Iron professional * 3.5 LT

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